Automated Merchant Data Onboarding

See how industry leading platforms and marketplaces use our data infrastructure to automate their merchant operations.

We're proud to help industry leaders in automating their merchant data
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Empower your teams with access to automated merchant data management

Delightful onboarding

Automate catalog digitization in your onboarding process through an API.

Offer seamless onboarding by integrating job requests in your app's existing signup flow, or send requests via our platform and we'll return high-quality structured catalog data.

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Support ticket resolution

Automate catalog updates and your merchant's data in real time.

Got a customer request to update all prices by 10%? Woflow integrates with your help desk CRM and can update merchant data and close out your tickets in real time.

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Sales team enablement & G2M strategy

Demo your application using a prospects' own data, ahead of any onboarding process.

We provide access to data at scale, enabling iterative testing in various markets and more productive outbound sales initiatives.

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Other merchant data

Speak to us to day to see what other use cases and ways we can automatically manage your merchant data at scale!

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How it works

Data infrastructure powered by the Woflow Engine

The Woflow Engine is an ML-powered task automation system that empowers businesses to create and maintain complex structured data at scale.

We integrate into your existing workflows to receive job requests and return quality structured data within industry leading SLAs.

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Why Woflow

We use a technology-first approach to catalog digitization and merchant data management


The Woflow Engine is 100% organized through automation — from tasks to workforce. Requests are broken down to be completed and compiled asynchronously by our ML models and distributed workforce.


Multiple instances of tasks are completed, ensuring quality using an automated consensus system. Any conflicts are reviewed and resolved by a QA member of the distributed workforce.


Keep your systems and data secure via our API connections. No need for vendor user provisioning or monitoring. Our distributed workforce will only interact with our systems and data.

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Platform Details

Easily manage 100 to 1,000,000+ merchants

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