Merchant Data Platform

Effortlessly manage and scale your merchant data

Woflow provides data infrastructure that powers 100,000s of merchant and customer interactions a month for some of the world's leading marketplaces.

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We're proud to help industry leaders in automating their merchant data
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Platform Overview

Automate your platform scaling, via API.

Scaling a marketplace or platform business used to mean building and managing many onshore and offshore teams. Now it's just an API.

Through our specialized ML-powered task management system each of your existing merchant operations workflows can be automated. That's the power of the Woflow Engine.

We automate the entire merchant data lifecycle.

Benefits of the platform


Eliminate complex, resource-heavy webs of vendors and processes traditionally associated with merchant operations.

Cost friendly

Reduce the cost per merchant from a high, difficult to calculate costbase, to a simple, known, all-in rate.

Resource lite

Infrastructure that we develop and manage means your developers can spend their time on more productive wins.


Enterprise-ready integrations enable syncing of merchant data that works for your use case


Jobs can be requested within our platform. For a deeper integration we integrate directly with your system or CRM of choice to initialize job requests.

Catalog API

Get started pulling data using our standard data schemas that cover most use cases or build a custom integration.

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Use our API to send job requests and receive back quality catalog data in your system.

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Data infrastructure powered by the Woflow Engine

The Woflow Engine is an ML-powered task automation system that empowers businesses to create and maintain complex structured data at scale.

We integrate into your existing workflows to receive job requests and return quality structured data in industry leading SLAs.

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Platform Details

Easily manage 100 to 1,000,000+ merchants

Are you ready to automate your Merchant Data? Let's talk