The world's most advanced ML-powered task automation system

Woflow provides the data infrastructure that powers 100,000s of merchant and customer interactions a month for some of the leading marketplaces.

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We're proud to help industry leaders in automating their merchant data
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The Woflow Engine

Power your data infrastructure with the Woflow Engine instead of people and manual processes.

The Woflow Engine is the world's most sophisticated ML-powered task automation system that empowers businesses that manage merchant data to create and maintain complex structured data at scale.

How it works

The smartest way to automate tasks

Our solutions are powered by the Woflow Engine: an ML-powered task automation system that transforms complex jobs into a series of smaller trainable tasks that are performed asynchronously and compiled into structured data.

Queueing and dispatching system

Completing a task, depending on the task type, can spawn a series of other tasks in the queue for machines and our distributed workforce to complete.

Consensus system

Multiple instances of tasks are completed ensuring quality using an automated consensus system. Any conflicts that arise are resolved through our specialized conflict resolution system.

Speed and accuracy

The Woflow Engine allows for never before seen speed and accuracy compared to traditional digitization methods involving knowledge workers completing jobs in series.

Our approach cuts SLA times by over 90% compared to traditional methods, with unmatched quality.

High quality data

The core pillars of data veracity

High quality structured data is at the center of everything we do. For structured data to be useful, we rely on these three core pillars:

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Data Acquisition

  • Scalable solutions to attract and acquire data
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Data Transformation

  • Standardize data
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Discrepancy resolution
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Data Delivery

  • Well-documented schemes and ontologies
  • Applicable for multiple use cases

Our core pillars derive from insights by the co-founders of SafeGraph in their excellent piece, "The DaaS Bible".

Woflow Engine details

Easily automate 100 to 1,000,000+ tasks

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