Easy onboarding & data management for eCommerce companies

Automate catalog creation and management for merchants on your eCommerce platform.

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We're proud to help industry leaders in automating their merchant data
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Rockstar eCommerce merchant experience

Delight merchants with automated catalog management and make managing a store frictionless on your platform

Make onboarding truly frictionless by implementing hands-free same-day onboarding within your sign-up flow! The future of onboarding is delightful and frictionless. Start your future today.

Benefits for eCommerce Platforms

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Get Merchants Selling

Instantaneous onboarding of a merchant's catalog means reduced funnel leak and a decreased time to start selling.

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Happy Merchants

Handling catalog management automatically on behalf of your merchants leads to great NPS scores.

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Increased LTV

Reducing sign-up churn, getting merchants selling quicker and improving NPS increases the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers.


Data infrastructure powered by the Woflow Engine

The Woflow Engine is an ML-powered task automation engine that empowers businesses to create and maintain complex structured data at scale.

We integrate into your existing workflows to recieve job requests and return quality structured data in industry leading SLAs.

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Platform Details

Easily manage 100 to 1,000,000+ merchants

Are you ready to automate your Merchant Data? Let's talk