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Deliveroo uses Woflow's Merchant Data Platform to speed up merchant onboarding

Executive Summary

Deliveroo benefits from 66% faster menu onboarding times with Woflow

Following its public debut and to ensure continued high-growth and merchant satisfaction, Deliveroo searched for a partner that could simplify and speed up their key merchant onboarding process.

Deliveroo partnered with Woflow to streamline global catalog creation via their fully integrated Merchant Data Platform. Automating its merchant data onboarding processes helped Deliveroo reduce onboarding times and reduce the admin burden of complex process and vendor management.

By integrating with Woflow’s simple and flexible APIs, Deliveroo onboards thousands of merchants a month, and benefits from 66% faster menu creation, while maintaining industry-leading quality for its merchant operations.



800+ cities

11 countries

140k+ merchants

Deliveroo is one of the world’s largest on-demand delivery services. Headquartered in London, Deliveroo works with restaurants and other merchants in over 800 cities across 11 countries and is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Successfully operating a three-sided marketplace is a huge logistical and CX challenge: customers, merchants, and delivery riders compete for core resources, providing constant pressure internally to maintain an excellent service level for all sides. Merchants experience up to a 30% increase in sales when they sign up for the platform, meaning that speed of merchant onboarding is key to enabling mutual growth.

The Problem

Scaling during hyper growth increased the complexity and cost of non-core processes

Deliveroo experienced hyper growth in its 8 years since founding. The number of merchants on its platform also ballooned from 5,000 in 2017 to over 140,000 in 2020.

With hyper growth came scaling challenges. Merchant onboarding volume became a potential slowdown to growth. Onboarding had met a scaling challenge, as regional teams continued to onboard thousands of merchants a month.

Any solution needed to work with existing merchant onboarding processes and have the ability to handle scale in a simple way.

The Solution

Simple and integrated automated merchant data onboarding

The Global Restaurant Operations team reached out to Woflow to better understand how their solutions could assist with onboarding merchants across multiple regions.

After initial discussions, it was clear that Woflow’s Merchant Data Platform would allow Deliveroo to drastically simplify existing processes, by providing a single solution to merchant onboarding across regions. Doing so would allow Deliveroo to effortlessly scale their merchant onboarding and operations as they continued to grow, while keeping quality and customer satisfaction a top priority.

Deliveroo would utilize Woflow’s APIs to seamlessly integrate between the Merchant Data Platform, and Deliveroo’s proprietary systems and Salesforce instance.

The Result

Deliveroo relies on the Merchant Data Platform to onboard thousands of merchants a month reliably

Woflow now handles thousands of merchant onboarding requests a month, across multiple regions, in a flexible and scalable way. Over the first quarter Deliveroo was able to achieve significant onboarding cost savings: agent involvement for menu creation was reduced by 89%, and menu creation time was reduced by 66%. This was all while maintaining Service Level Agreement (SLA) quality levels of over 90%. 

Using their domain-expertise, Woflow was able to provide standardization and simplicity on a global scale, accommodating requirements of multiple markets in different languages across EMEA and APAC regions.

"Woflow's technology has been a great enabler for Deliveroo's ongoing growth, maintaining a high level of quality and service through seamless integration into our CRM tools, allowing consistent speed of menu creation for our Restaurant partners."

– Ana Riesco, Global Head of Restaurant Operations, Deliveroo

A key factor of the partnership’s success is the ease and flexibility of the integration and scaling processes. Woflow integrates directly with Deliveroo’s Salesforce instance, as well as its Menu API. This has led to significant speed advantages by reducing both headcount and software provisioning requirements, as well as eliminating vendor complexity.

Overall, by partnering with Woflow, Deliveroo has achieved significant cost savings while maintaining consistently high quality. With Woflow, merchant onboarding is no longer a challenge, but a superpower to Deliveroo’s rapid growth.

Platform Details

Easily manage 100 to 1,000,000+ merchants

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