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Automating merchant onboarding for the world of social ordering

Snackpass reduced their merchant onboarding bottleneck and sped up onboarding by 87%.

Executive Summary

Transforming merchant onboarding with Woflow's Merchant Data Platform

During a year of hypergrowth and rapid operational scaling, Snackpass looked for ways to streamline operations and automate merchant onboarding in order to provide a better customer experience for their merchant partners.

Snackpass partnered with Woflow to streamline many previously manual processes, which lowered staffing costs by 25% and eliminated key operational pain points. In addition, the platform has allowed the team to onboard merchants 87% faster, enabling an improved customer experience for their restaurant partners with fewer headcount required to facilitate this.

“As Snackpass continues through a period of enormous growth across many new markets, Woflow’s Merchant Data Platform solved one of our biggest bottlenecks - onboarding merchant data - and turned it into a delightful step.”

- Kevin Tan, Co-Founder and CEO (Snackpass)



Helping restaurants take control of their own book of business

Snackpass was founded in 2017 at Yale University by Kevin Tan and his two co-founders, Jamie Marshall and Jonathan Cameron, who saw an opportunity to combine pickup and social around college campuses in order to help restaurants better reach the mobile-first Gen Z population. By building a platform that gives restaurants the ability market to students while establishing a rewards system for loyal customers, Snackpass has expanded the revenue opportunities for restaurants at a time when they need it the most.

The team helps restaurants own the customer lifecycle by providing a world-class marketing platform that allows them to take control of their book of business. Coupled with Snackpass’ unique social order-ahead functionality, these marketing ‘superpowers’ are driving new customer acquisition and powering higher-value customers to do more.

The Problem

Along with hypergrowth, comes scaling pains

In the initial stages, Snackpass managed a relatively small volume of merchant onboarding, which was handled manually by an operations team. However, following successful funding rounds, business growth led to an increase in volume that became a significant operational hurdle. Snackpass was in need of a streamlined, automated solution that could handle the growing merchant onboarding needs without requiring significant additions to headcount.

The Solution

Automating merchant operations

Woflow's industry-leading Merchant Data Platform provided the perfect solution for Snackpass's scaling problem. This API-first approach could seamlessly integrate with existing processes, providing an automated system for merchant onboarding. This allowed Snackpass to manage the process without needing to scale their operations team, thereby saving resources for other vital aspects of merchant operations.

“What I like about the Woflow solution is that it was super easy and fast to get onboarded. It’s also cost effective, and it takes barely any time at all to manage. Working with Woflow saves us time, money, and energy. Instead of having many individuals doing this work for us, we just have Woflow.”

- Casey Terrell, Growth Operations Manager (Snackpass)

The Result

Efficient onboarding and enhanced customer satisfaction

The adoption of Woflow’s Merchant Data Platform has allowed Snackpass to onboard a rapidly increasing volume of merchants per week without adding to their operations team. This has not only saved time but also facilitated a higher level of personalized support to their restaurant partners. The platform has been an essential tool in supporting Snackpass’ aggressive growth plans, enabling the operations teams to focus on higher-value work, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Platform Details

Easily manage 100 to 1,000,000+ merchants

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