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XtremeAI Acquisition: Expanding Reach and Bolstering AI Capabilities

Will Bewley

Today we are excited to welcome XtremeAI, a leading document digitization and data structuring platform, to Woflow. The acquisition of XtremeAI enables Woflow to extend our reach across Europe, leverage the team’s valuable industry knowledge, as well as incorporate cutting-edge AI technology into our suite of product offerings.

Based in Seville, Spain, XtremeAI is a startup that has been working on similar problems in the data structuring space as Woflow for the last couple of years. When Jordan and I first met with the co-founders, Miguel, Timi and Eduardo, we were left extremely impressed with their overall vision, technical ability, and will to execute.

From the beginning of Woflow our core underlying technology has been designed to structure data at scale via automated means. We have then built upon this with a range of front-end interfaces, back-end integrations and client use cases that help our platform customers, like DoorDash, Square and Walmart, onboard and connect to their merchants far more efficiently than ever before. Learning more about what the XtremeAI team were up to, we realized they were also thinking about these hard problems and designing systems that leveraged modern AI techniques. We also realized that together we could move even faster toward our vision.

Like Woflow, XtremeAI also started in the restaurant vertical, and had already begun to establish a name for themselves with food delivery giants in Europe. By combining our offerings we can provide a broader suite of solutions to our customers, including SaaS and full data services.

While their current technology and customer base was an obvious fit, digging in with the co-founders it became clear that we also have a shared vision of the world. Their resourcefulness and imaginative approach to problem solving is complementary to the culture we’ve created at Woflow and we’re excited about the milestones the combined entity can accomplish together.

With the rapid advancement of AI today, being at the forefront is paramount to staying ahead of competition and delivering amazing experiences to customers. XtremeAI’s proprietary AI models and approach to machine learning will help cement our position as a leader in the space, ensuring we keep at the bleeding edge of what’s possible.

Today marks a major milestone in our company’s journey, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support and shared vision of our employees, investors and customers. We’re excited to have the XtremeAI team join us—we’re just getting started.

Read our full announcement on PR Newswire here.

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