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Putting Merchant Data on Autopilot | Woflow FlowState Webinar

Will Bewley

FlowState #1:

Putting Merchant Data on Autopilot

We've been hard at work launching the world's first Merchant Data Platform. In the inaugural FlowState webinar event, we discuss how the environment is rapidly changing through digital transformation, why it matters, and how the platform can help you in automating your merchant data needs.

We are joined by Ross Epstein, VP New Projects at SafeGraph for an interesting discussion on democratizing access to data and the future of data automation.

Watch now:

We’d love to work with you

We currently work with many of the industry innovators in food delivery, online ordering, POS systems, retail and eCommerce. If you have a complex data problem please reach out, we’d love to help!

You can read more in our latest coverage from VentureBeat here, as well as in our press release here.

About FlowState events

Our FlowState series of events covers the intersection of data infrastructure and digital transformation for merchant-focused technology companies. Future events will include more customer profiles, industry-focused interviews with fellow data evangelists, and product announcements.

About Woflow

Woflow is a leader in catalog digitization and data management providing the world's first Merchant Data Platform. Woflow helps industry-defining platforms and marketplaces create and maintain complex structured data at scale. Woflow was founded in 2017 by Jordan Nemrow (CEO) and Will Bewley (COO) and is based in San Francisco, CA.

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